LTspice Download and Installation

LTspice is a free SPICE simulator that is made available by Linear Technology Inc. from its website. This is one of the best SPICE simulators available and is the one on which all of the simulations in the book were run. Click on the link below to download and install LTspice on your computer.

To test your installation simply download the zip file Install Test below and open it in a test directory where you wish to run the test simulation.

When the file has been unzipped and the Install Test directory created, simply double-click on the simulation transistor icon to open the simulation. A schematic of a circuit with a differential pair will appear. This is one of the LTspice tutorial simulations. It is a simple transient simulation with a sinusoidal input signal being applied to the differential pair. Click on the run icon in the LTspice toolbar to execute the simulation. The output will appear in the plot window as a 1 kHz sine wave.

I recommend that you go to the LTspice Tools > Operation tab and check the boxes to automatically delete the .raw, .net, .log and .fft files at the completion of a simulation. This will keep your simulation directory uncluttered and will avoid tying up a lot of unnecessary disk space.