I've been building DIY loudspeakers for several years now, and here you can see some examples of those loudspeakers.

The Morel M3 is a compact three-way employing the MW-142 5-inch woofer, the MDM-55 midrange dome and the MDT-40 dome tweeter. First-order crossovers and a sloped baffle work together to achieve a transient-accurate time response. The small vented system provides surprisingly good bass extension for its size. The price, however, is a relatively low 84 dB sensitivity.

The Athena is an active loudspeaker with built-in amplifiers and active crossover. It is a 3.5-way mini-tower loudspeaker. At only seven inches wide, it is an exceptionally narrow design, providing excellent imaging. The system employs four 5.25-inch woofers, a 3-inch cone midrange and a silk dome tweeter. The Athena achieves very good bass extension and low-end SPL through the use of the EQSS™ low frequency reproduction system described elsewhere in these pages.

The EQSS™ Subwoofer is a demonstration of the use of the EQSS™ technique in a subwoofer. The subwoofer employs two 10-inch Dayton Series II woofers.