Home Entertainment Show 2007

Listening & Measurement Workshops
Home Entertainment Show
May 11-13, 2007
Room 1627

Peter Smith, Bob Cordell and Darren Kuzma presented a series of six interactive workshops at HE2007 titled "Listening & Measurement". The workshops were as follows:

  • Amplifier Listening Comparison
  • Loudspeaker Listening Comparison
  • The Peak Power Demands of Well-recorded Music
  • Amplifier Measurement Clinic
  • Loudspeaker Measurement Clinic
  • Active Loudspeakers - An Example

There was also an Amplifier Design Q&A session on Saturday afternoon.

Brief abstracts and the schedule of Workshops are shown under the Abstracts and Schedule tabs.

The Show Report describes the workshops in detail and how they went at the show. Some pictures taken at the workshops are also shown.

These workshops were kindly sponsored in part by Ray Kimber and Stereophile Magazine.