SPICE Models

SPICE models for all of the transistors used in the LTspice simulations in the book are available here. I have found that manufacturers' models are often quite inaccurate, so I created the models here for use in the book simulations. These models have been adjusted for better conformance with datasheet information and, for transistors, for conformance with actual DC measurements of samples of the real devices.

The small-signal BJT transistor models were updated in April, 2011 to include better estimates of base resistance (RB) to improve the accuracy of noise simulations.

The single file contains models for BJTs, JFETs, power MOSFETs, diodes, rectifiers, Zener diodes and LEDs. Most of the device part number designations end with the letter C to designate them as Cordell models so that they will not be confused with other manufacturers' models that may be in the LTspice library. All of the supplied book simulations use these parts, and the Cordell Models file is incorporated into the simulation files with a .include statement.

The power MOSFET models in this file are in the LTspice VDMOS format.

Click on the link below to download the Cordell Models file.


The following models are included in the file:


2N3904C2N3906Csmall-signal general purpose
2N4401C2N4403Csmall-signal general purpose
2N5089C2N5087Csmall-signal general purpose
2N5210C small-signal general purpose
2N5551C2N5401Csmall-signal general purpose
BC550CBC560Csmall-signal general purpose
2SC3503C2SA1381CTO126 VAS, driver
KSC3503CKSA1381CTO126 VAS, driver
2SC3601C2SA1407CTO126 VAS, driver
BD139CBD140CTO126 VAS, driver
MJE243CMJE253CTO126 VAS, driver
MJE340CMJE350CTO126 VAS, driver
MJE15032CMJE15033CTO220 driver
MJL21194CMJL21193CTO264 power transistor
MJL3281CMJL1302CTO264 power transistor
MJL4281CMJL4302CTO264 power transistor
NJL3281CNJL1302CTO264 ThermalTrak power transistor


LS844C N-channel dual-matched JFET input pair
LSK389C N-channel dual-matched JFET input pair

Vertical Power MOSFET

2SK1530C2SJ201Cvertical MOSFET power transistor
IRFP240CIRFP9240Cvertical MOSFET power transistor

Lateral Power MOSFET

2SK134C2SJ49Clateral MOSFET power transistor
2SK1056C2SJ162Clateral MOSFET power transistor


1N4148C general purpose small-signal Silicon diode
SCHOTTKYBAT85NXP BAT85 Schottky diode
DIRFP240 IRFP240 body diode
DTTD ThermalTrak power transistor tracking diode


1N4004C 400 PIV Silicon rectifier
BRIDGE35A Diodes, Inc. GBPC3502 200V 35A bridge rectifier
HFA25PB60C Vishay Ultrafast HEXFRED rectifier

Zener Diodes

Z4_71N5230B4.7V Zener diode (Diodes Inc. 1N5230B)
Z6_21N5234B6.2V Zener diode (Diodes Inc. 1N5234B)
Z8_21N5237B8.2V Zener diode (Diodes Inc. 1N5237B)
Z121N5242B12V Zener diode (Diodes Inc. 1N5242B)
Z151N5245B15V Zener diode (Diodes Inc. 1N5245B)


BLUE Blue LED (Lite-on LTL1CHTBK4)

Clicking on a part number in the above list will bring up the datasheet.