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Workshop #6
Active Loudspeakers - An Example

Active loudspeakers tend to have an unfair advantage over their conventional cousins. In these speakers the amplifiers, crossovers and loudspeaker drivers are mated together to form a complete synergistic system. Such speaker systems have been very popular in the pro-sound arena for quite some time, but have yet to make a significant impact in the audiophile community. This will begin to change as more compact and efficient power amplifier technologies capable of high sonic quality emerge. The Athena active loudspeaker developed by Bob Cordell will be described and be available for audition. This speaker integrates four 125-Watt conventional Class-AB MOSFET power amplifiers into each cabinet, and demonstrates what can be accomplished in an audiophile active speaker system. The active configuration allows the Athena to use a special form of vented box active equalization, called EQSS™, to achieve good bass extension and SPL in a small footprint. The 3-1/2-way Athena mini-tower is only 39 inches high and 9 inches wide.